Sometimes things just suck…

There are times in life where you want to throw in the towel, where you want to scream, and cry. Maybe even have a mental breakdown. Or two. Or four. Yes it’s the most wonderful time of year. Stress month. Because honestly, no matter how much you love Christmas, or whatever holiday you practice in the month of December, we really don’t care for all the tests, all the work, and the high level amount of stress that we get every year. Generally for me, this is a time of year that I get the most inspiration for written(fictional) work. Which is also a bad thing, because I end up writing or reading fiction in lieu of actually studying for tests. 😀

Sometimes though, you need a break, which is extremely true in the case of the

Journalism students in my program. Espeacially for me. Lack of sleep, on top of the stress of having a ton of assignments needing to get done equals an extremely angry pissed off me. -_-

On top of all the assignments that must be done(lets not start on the tests), I’m also supposed to write my first feature and eventually an article about christmas decorations. Is it horrible that I’m completely cynical on this whole Christmas thing this year? Or that I’m just damn crabby? Because I am. Though I have been mulling in my mind a poem(my first one since my days at YorkU), so therefore a good benefit of this mini intro/tantrum is that I shall update my page with a new poem. Get ready for it!!!


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