AGM meeting at Davis Campus

Today I got the pleasure of joining the Annual General Meeting at Davis Campus in Sheridan College. My journey started on a beautiful and quite empty bus. The Sheridan Union was able to get a shuttle bus that took us, from Oakville through the highway to Square One’s HMC campus, where we ventured slightly inside the completely glass building.

When we got back on the bus, we admired the many buildings surrounding us, the Marilyn Monroe shaped building(a building with Curves) and a building that Alexander Curley(one of the board of the directors from Trafalgar) coined the building the “Ghostbusters building”. I was the first one to notice it, because I always admire gothic-like buildings, and this one was a dark brown colour and had many many floors, and jutting out from the middle corners of the building was gargoyles. I immediately noticed it because of my shock on their actually being gargoyles in a building in Canada. 😀 Also I found out from Alex that Rabba is a very good (cheap) place to buy lunch.


From what I’ve seen thus far, the meetings are concise and clear, and gives insight to what the Union is about. This past year I’ve had many run-in’s with the Union(not bad things mind you), I guess an added benefit of being friends with two of the Board members. The meeting gives students a voice on policies and things that SU can do, and cannot do. I think this is a good idea, because it gives the students a voice on the board, and it also gives the students who go to GM meetings a chance to see what its all about.

Very informative. I sort of wished I’d gone earlier in the year! 😦


One thought on “AGM meeting at Davis Campus

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