Tried entering a contest, but naturally the sign-up process nailed me again! So here it is, my memoir about what made me grow up in High School. 

Going to high school can be both a wonderful and horrible experience depending on the people in your life and the experiences you have. The day I grew up, or I should say the months that it took me to grow up was both heartbreaking and dark for me. I cried all the time, my heart ached, and I felt truly alone. I spent the first three years of high school in a trio me and two other girls. We were inseparable or so I thought. One day in the middle of the second semester of the fourth year in high school, and suddenly they were no longer there.

They never told me that we were no longer friends. They didn’t talk to me at all. It was like I was invisible. We could be sitting in the same table but it would be like I didn’t exist at all. There is no worse feeling then sitting in a room with people who used to sit beside you laugh and smile, and sit there knowing they are ignoring you, and not knowing what you did to deserve it. To be so ashamed of being ignored that you can’t even say a simple word. A simple question.  Why?

And it hurt, more than I can ever say. But it taught me how to be alone and independent. It also taught me that you can’t depend on people, because theres always the chance they will let you down.  Then there are others that come by, that become a part of your life, without you even realizing they were there in the first place.

They make you smile, happy and feel wanted. That is what matters, having people in your life that make smile, that make you think, and people that gives your life a little ray of sunshine.  Every year around the same time of year, I feel that pain of being alone, a sharp feeling in my chest when I see groups of friends together either as I walk towards school, on the bus, or even chatting on the social network boards.  To grow up you need to find yourself, and sometimes in order to do that, you need to see yourself the way people see you.  It’s something I had to learn the hard way, and it’s a lesson that I’m reminded of every year around the same time. Something’s you never forget, and for me this was one of them.


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