SpringTime !

Hey folks,

I know I haven’t updated at all lately, and its more that I’ve been focusing on my industry blog – inksBlog@Wordpress (definitely check it out if you want to find out anything about the Publishing world). Anyways back to this blog, Spring time is here again. And by that I mean Canada’s version of Springtime when it’s sort of warm and then freezing cold, then miserably rainy and then sunny again. Not only is Canadian springtime beautiful in its complex weather times, but it also breaks way for nature life.

In a recent article by Anita Li of The Star.com brings light on GTA’s newest pair of Peregine Falcons a Canadian Female and a male American have started mating.

“We know we have an American and Canadian that hooked up, and they’re looking pretty serious at this building to call it home,” said Mark Nash, director of the Canadian Peregrine Foundation.

The falcons began mating late last week and while they haven’t laid eggs yet, it’s clear hatchlings are on the way, said Nash.

“We’re pretty confident it’s gonna happen,” he said, adding that once mating starts, the female begins egg production. “It’s only a matter of a very short period of time, a week to 10 days, before she’ll start laying eggs.”

Peregrine falcons, a threatened species, can produce as many as five eggs, but typically lay two to four.

 – Anita Li
Springtime is always a time of rebirth of nature and definitely for the GTA a time where animal protection and Environmentals are out and about making sure Canadians are doing their part to make sure that wildlife and nature are being preserved even in high populated areas (The falcons for example have made their home on top a Mississauga building whose name has yet to be released).

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