The Mechanics of Writing…

 For every writer, there is a certain mode or mechanical way in which a story is written. My way of doing things are through procrastination. You would think that this would not work well, but oddly enough it, does actually work at least for me. First step, take a walk around the school. You know you need to find a story so go look for one. This week, I got lucky and a story came to me suddenly. This actually does happen quite a lot for me, in which I am lucky. But not every time this will happen!


This past week, I was quite horrible at actually getting a story done. None of my sources got back to me. :(  But it was more that it was one of those weeks that I just wasn’t into the writing process. For every writer there is a process they have when approaching a story. Last week I dropped the ball on my own process. With me if I know I don’t have a proper notebook, I feel odd about continuing to get a story. Also, I should’ve e-mailed my sources earlier…and I should’ve followed up with a phone call or even a visit to said sources’ office. But I didn’t. Because of which I ended up with the first week having no story, but having to go in for my editing time and layout because I am the assignment editor, and as such need to be there regardless.Although I would add, that even though I was unable to do a proper story for this week, I was able to one; find a story for this week. And two; get sources for the story that failed. So even though this week I was unable to publish a story, I will still be able to eventually finish that story. Eventually, of course.


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