Beauty of the Print

In a recent article by Alice Rawsthorn in the New York Times, she talked about the Beauty of the Printed book, and the idea that a book is something that is designed to do its job perfectly. Not an understatement, printed books for all its beauty, has always been about appealing for a certain audience, and telling a story. Many books are designed in ways to convey the message within the book. Rawsthorn’s point is that, with the advent of E-books, are books being held to their value? A lot of E-books are just word documents formatted to be read. It’s not the same as opening the pages of a book and seeing that ink and font truly unique to the book in question. One way this has slowly been changing is how some publishers and authors both, are creating books with the specified aim to be E-books.

The most recent innovation of this would be the interactive electronic children’s books that are recently coming out. Not only are they visually dynamic as they must be for children, but they have words that move and tell a story, typographs, and sometimes even mini-lessons in the book to teach children. Interactive e-books have the added bonus of not just seeing movement, words, and images but also to see data visualizations and sound. They have even been going as far as making, a new series of interactive university textbooks, from Nature Publishing.


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