Expresso Book Machine

One of the biggest annoyances for anyone in a library, is wanting a book that’s in the system but has been either taken out earlier, or currently misplaced. Brooklyn Public Library is looking to change that. In a new article by CBS New York, it talks about the Expresso Book Machine  also known as EBM, a machine that allows users to print books. The beauty of the machine is that it gives users access to millions of titles that can be printed in various languages.

The EBM can print any book from Express Net, a digital catalog of content. According to Linda Johnson, President of the Brooklyn Public Library, it allows people to print books they can’t otherwise get, and brings the libraries collection of books to an additional eight million titles that are public domain or that are copyrighted but publishers are allowing Brooklyn Library to have.

The Expresso Book Machine is about 5 feet tall and 7 feet wide. The manufacturer, On Demand Books, agreed to install it at no cost to operate the machine, which costs about $125,000 with its own staff. Another valuableoption with the machine is allowing users to print and publish their own work. Currently On Demand Books offer writers consulting services with packages for formatting advice, a proof copy and a free upload of revisions for $149.


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