Handmade books…in a cave?

In the early days of  printing, we saw books as something for the educated, and the sophisticated. Now a days books are slowly becoming a hindrance, only those with a great love for books understands the power they hold, in their printed form. People like the makers of Paravion Press. Paravion Press realizes the need for well-crafted, handmade books. Paravion Press started out in the cliffs of the Island of Santorini in Greece. It started out as a bookstore located in a cave- the place of Atlantis books founded by a group of six friends in 2004. Paravion was made with the idea that books were meant to be shared, and because of the location this had to be done by mail.

Can you imagine that? Getting a hand-made sewn book by the mail? The books are sold for ten dollars, plus shipping and they parcel it up and ship it to you. Books are only made per every order, it started out being small, and now it has grown to having 500-10,000 books made. All titles come with a specially made envelope and a “for your correspondence” note for a handwritten message. The first books Paravion printed were on simple Canson art paper, then completely cut, folded, and bound by hand in Greece.

In this era where print is assumed to be dead, it’s people like Chris Wise, Will Brady, and Walzer(all co-publishers of Atlantis books), who are keeping book publishing alive with innovative thinking on how to keep books more alive and modern. One of the beauties of a hand crafted book are the uniqueness of it. The crisp hard pages, the glow of the words on the page, the all around beauty of it. For anyone who has avidly been reading since they were little, these are the books for you!


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