Print is not Dead: The transformation from magazine to digital

In this day and age we might be under the impression that print is dead. We have seen the new technology that has been popping out like daisies in a beautiful patch of grass, and we know in the industry that its only a matter of time before the industry itself is completely digital.

According to Morgan Guenther the President/CEO of Next Issue Media says that while the print industry is in fact looking that it will be taken over by digital it’s not going to happen overnight.

He and a bunch of companies; Conde Nast, Hearst Corporation, Meridith, News Corporation, Time Inc. have all gotten together to make what is now called Next Issue Media, a digital incorporation of many of the magazines that are in print right now.

Guenther’s views on the rate of how print will fade is not fast. Why? Simple,  because 90% read magazines,  and of those that read magazines, they have certain ones like; sports Illustrated (mention a couple  more) they won’t suddenly stop reading them to go to digital. Of course there will always be those who have the need to have the paper version. To be able to hold it in their hands. Print is in transition, we can either despair, or we can use the advantage and opportunity that this change can give us.


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