Sex sells or does it….

In the world we live in, the idea that people are having sex is everywhere. TV, radio, music..all of it has some mention of sex in someway or another, it’s no longer offensive, but a fact of life.  So why, is it that, the printer of the University’s Legacy Magazine refused to publish the February issue of the magazine because of an article entitled ‘Kink’? The Interstate Printing and Graphics had published the first and second issues of Legacy Magazine a magazine run for Louisiana State University(LSU).  The article in question profiled University students involved in sexual recreation community in order to share their common sexual fantasies. According to the legacy editor Emily Slack the article was neither explicit or graphic.

So what you must ask yourself, why is it, you can put explicit and graphic scenes and words in music and videos but not in written work? Why would it be offensive to write about sexual fantasies, where do you know to draw the line? Legacy prides itself on having the whole staff choosing what goes in the magazine and what doesn’t. The printer itself decided not to print for the fact that it broke their christian moral values. Legacy believed that the article was not any worse than previous articles they have written about professors having sexual encounters with students. It all depends on your take on what is too much and what isn’t. Would you publish an article about sexual fantasies? Would people want to read it? I would publish, if only because I would want to read it, news is news.


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