Tree-free paper

So in this eco-centric world we live in we spend most of our time and energy looking for different ways and methods of making and creating things that will not deplete our environmental essentials. Ricoh Canada Inc and TreeZero has come together with a new innovative idea to save trees. Tree-free paper.

You might wonder how it would be possible to make paper without trees, but TreeZero has realized that paper can also be made with sugar cane. “Sugar cane is a very innovative approach to paper production. Trees require something in the order of decades of growth before harvesting. Contrast that with the incredibly rapid growth of sugar cane, where you have as many as two harvests per year, and you can see what a compelling idea this really is,” said David Armstrong, VP Marketing for Ricoh Canada. TreeFrog paper is sourced from a by-product of sugar cane production, so instead of burning the sugar cane or dropping the waste into landfill, the sugar cane husk is converted into high-quality paper.

TreeZero is dedicated to providing the most environmentally-friendly paper products in Earth. All TreeZero products are 100 percent tree free, meaning it’s all wood free. And Ricoh is dedicated to finding document solutions. They got together, because the Tree-free paper is both a asset and necessity for the world of print, and staying eco-friendly at the same time.


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