What is the One thing you learned in your time in Sheridan that you will never forget?

Persistence. If there’s one thing Sheridan has taught me is the value of persistence and never giving up. In my two years of being  a Journalist in Sheridan College, I have wanted to throw in the towel many times over. I never did. Actually no I did throw in the proverbial towel maybe once. Or twice. But the times that I did not, was because I persisted. I ignored the thoughts that I would never get this done, and just strove ahead and did it. And because I took the time to keep going ahead, I was able to get stories done, get assignments in. All because I pushed ahead no matter what was in my way. Another thing that Sheridan taught me, is Confidence. Sheridan gave me the confidence to fight for what I believe in, to fight when I know things don’t need to be done in that way. It gave me the confidence I needed to show myself that I can do this life that I’ve chosen for myself. It has showed me that I can be the very best I can be. I just need to push ahead and never give up. It’s only when you let yourself give up or listen to the people who want to bring you down that you will fail. Strive ahead, and push forward. As long as you always do that, you can always achieve success in all endeavours. Whether it be having your story ideas fall through, not being able to finish a story on time. Or forgetting that 20% assignment that’s due in two hours.  Always push ahead~!


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