Dark Shadows : Gothic portrayal in Modern World


I absolutely love Tim Burton, and even more, I love when they use the team of Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton. This team in any movie I’ve seen thus far, has been exceptional. To be honest, my favourite movie by Tim Burton will always be Corpse Bride, more because, I am not all that favourable to mass murder, hence why I had such an issue with the Demon Barber on Fleet Street(Also, I love Snape and couldn’t bear to see him act so horribly).

Another thing I loved about this movie, Dark Shadows was the very fact that it was a parody of many of the great works of gothic fiction known to the literary world. Gothic fiction has long had the tradition of having a certain mode of how it is written, there is always a certain way it is told. In this story it had the mode, of forbidden and cursed love. The witch of the story fell in love with a boy from a rich household, the boy however did not love her(forbidden/unrequited love) and then when he did fall in love with someone else, she cursed his love to walk to her death(Cursed love) another thing that I loved about this story is you have the story itself, fast forward to the modern day (1975 I believe?). Even more magical and entrancing was that, the witch that had first cursed him, ended up being there still fighting for the same cause.


I give this movie five stars for being completely crazy and completely awesome, for a former study in the gothic arts this story had everything that I could’ve needed, Love, heartbreak, and A murder most foul!





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