E-Publishing Revolution

In many of the news stories we hear today, we have a great amount of emphasis on the fact that E-books are becoming more and more the norm. Why wait to go to a bookstore to get books that are slowly breaking your back lugging them in bags, when you can carry a small lightweight piece of technology that allows the user to carry over a thousand books at one time. Mass-reading, who would have thought? Even bigger than that, is that Writers can now find different ways of getting their pieces of work online without the grueling task of finding either a literary agent or a publisher.

In a recent article by the The Telegraph it talks about how the publishing industry is being changed, and I know I’ve already discussed this in a previous post, but it will never become any less important as technology rises, but a question to consider is while a lot of people tend to lean toward the electronic device or Audio books of novels, there are still those writers, and readers steadfast in their ways. They are the ones who need to hold a book, to smell that new book smell to make that trip to the library or bookstore and see the beautiful crisp books are standing there in a row, waiting to be opened, daring you to read and become enchanted in worlds most magnificent in their scope. The question still remains, will books ever stop being the thing that you want to hold, or the words on a electronic window you want to see.  


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