Book Expo: BEA New York

Every year Book Expo America is held(mostly in New York unless I miss my guess). The BEA gives both fans, publishers, writers and authors(yes there’s a difference!) a chance to meet and to hold conferences and signings and other such things. The beauty of the BEA not just that you can meet different authors from various book series, but that you can hear them discuss books, and see all the different ways books are made. One of my many book dreams is to one day go to the BEA, not only because I am a writer, but also because I love books. Any reader, any writer, would want to go to the BEA mostly because in  a way it’s a tribute to the past year of the book industry and what’s to come. 


This year among the conferences about books, writers and the publishing industry in general, they had an opus of events and information about the future of Print, and many of the technologies coming to make books more technological. Having a hundred books in the palm of your hand, anyone? Also, just because I can’t resist, Shadowhunters got their own STAIRCASE. Go Cassandra Clare! 


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