Business Line: India – E-Toilet

The technological world we live in always tries to find the next big thing to market that will make the lives of consumers easier. According to Business Line the next new thing has arrived. In a recent online Magazine at  Yale University, ‘Yale Environment 360’ a new E-Toilet developed by Eram Scientific Solutions has been featured. Now what is an E-Toilet you may ask, because I certainly did.

” ‘ “The e-toilet is a self-contained unit inside a brightly coloured booth that can be situated on a city street. It has already been tested at 300 sites in Kerala, a state with one of India’s best-educated populaces,” the Yale magazine reported.

“The e-toilet would be connected to an electronic system for monitoring, which would also allow potential users to locate toilets on city streets. Eram also is working on decentralised sewage technology that could be used for up to 25 families,” it added.’ “



Now am I the only one who is a bit concerned at a toilet in the middle of the street. I mean they did just mention a toilet….what about a sink. HYGEINE FOLKS! Also I have a bit of an issue about the brightly coloured booth. Aren’t those the kind of booths that would catch people’s eye? Do we really have the need to have a toilet in the middle of a street in a brightly coloured booth where everyone can see? I’m just saying. Of course I am the same person who was all, I’ll never get an iphone, or an ipod, or a mac. Microsoft is just fine….and now I have all three…



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