New York’s Crumpled Press

Every year we hear that the publishing Industry is changing. Adapting, and converting its ways to the new day and era. To make the world of print more accessible, and easy to use for those of the tech-savvy world. In many ways the publishing industry is one that is always evolving but always trying to find ways to take a step back to the old days where books were something precious, a thing to be treasured. The people at Crumpled Press in New York have found a way to do just that. By making handmade books, books that are meant to be collected and treasured. The people at Crumpled Press are not however opposed to digital books. 

“With the advent of digital publishing, a lot of people ask me if I’m opposed [to it], thinking as a publisher I’m obsessed with the book as object. My answer is no. If you want to read a throwaway paperback that you may forget about, then read it on a Kindle. If you want something in your collection to last, if you love it, then it should be bound in a more caring manner,” said Jordan McIntyre the editor and founder of Crumpled Press.  


Books are precious to those who love them, like me. I’ve grown up reading, practically swallowing books whole. And as I grew into adulthood I found myself falling more and more in love with it. with the power that the written word has. Handmade books are extremely rare and as of such a gem to have. 

“The reason we decided to do handmade books, sewing them instead of having them stapled, is because we wanted to make durable books that would be precious. When you get a Crumpled Press book, you can feel that it was handmade by somebody, you can feel slight irregularities in it. It’s a precious object that you’re not going to throw away. So if I make 250 or 1,000 copies, those books are going to carry on.” 




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