Life Of Pi

The first time I saw the cover of Life of Pi, I was a bit doubtful of the content. I couldn’t see myself reading a book with a tigers head on the cover, or that had a math name in the title (I’ve always hated math). I actually managed to escape High School without having to read Life of Pi. But ended up having to read it for one of my first courses in University. I remember being extremely amused throughout the reading of the novel.


It took me what, two weeks to read it. I remember I read it during breaks at work, and in the upstairs area of one of the buildings in University. I remember laughing at parts, and feeling sad at others. Of the excitement of parts within the novel and the confusion towards the end.

So when I found out about Life of Pi becoming a on-screen movie I was both elated and doubtful. Elated because after reading it, and discussing it in both my lecture and in my tutorial class, I’ve grown to completely love the story and all its many intricacies. Doubtful as I always am when I find out a book I love is being made to a movie, because when books are made into movies the books tend to change in my mind. Instead of seeing the characters how I saw them in the book I tend to see the characters how they are shown on the screen. Sometimes I see the story in a different light from what I read because of details I’d never considered during the reading of it.


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