Hush, Hush and other Angel books that piss me off.



So, unless you have chosen to completely ignore reading altogether you will notice that the new trend in YA and TEEN books. Angels. Can you tell me how the hell we as readers (or writers) went from writing about the demons of the dark. To Angels, the denizens of heaven. How do you go from stories about the dark, to stories about fallen angels. And don’t get me started on the children of both Angels and Humans. The Nephilim. I guess I wouldn’t be so down on Angel books, if the endings didn’t piss me off so much. Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick, for example, I thought was extremely well written except for the big gaps in the books where you were basically hitting your head on the desk. Or wall, whichever was near. Only because you had no idea what was actually going on. Until you did, and then you were throwing your book across the room going either one of two phrases ; “WHY WHY WHY?!” or “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!”.




Don’t get me wrong, I love the whole idea of Fallen Angels, the ability to drag other Fallen Angels to hell and chain them up there, or Archangels that are real Jack*****.  The plot was brilliant, the way it went down. Not a big fan. Or about the ending. Which I am not going to write down here. Even though I did read the books at least over four times. Still not a big fan. But if it comes to a fight between the HUSH HUSH series, and the FALLEN series I will vote for HUSH HUSH all the way.





Now what can I say about Fallen that’s good? Not much. I didn’t care for the series. So much so that I didn’t even bother actually finishing my collection in my own bookshelf. I currently own Fallen, Torment, and Rapture. I didn’t even bother with the novella “Fallen in Love” . I am the kind of reader who very rarely will give up on a book series. Which is the main reason why I finished the book series to begin with. And when I finished reading Rupture. I really, wished I hadn’t taken the chance on reading it in the first place. OH MY GOD. The ending was completely unexpected, but at the same time the kind of ending where you put the book back on your shelf to let it collect dust and never look at it again. Which is why I probably will never read another Lauren Kate book. Even though I loved her characters, and the way she wrote the book. I just didn’t like the plot. AT ALL. 





Sorry Daniel but I would rather appreaciate the broody Vampires rather than the Angels who are always falling in love with mortals. You are dead dude. Leave the living alone. That’s all. 🙂 


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