From Twilight to Beautiful Creatures ….

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For the past couple of years there has been a trend of YA (Young Adult) novels being turned into movies. If you are like me, an avid reader (and by avid I mean you re-read the books to death) books being turned into movies are both good (You know cause the characters come to life) but also bad(because you know the characters come to life).
I know that for me when I’m reading my favorite novels I imagine the characters in certain ways especially with how descriptive some authors can be in specific novels (Cassandra Clare, Veronica Roth I’m thinking of you). I’ve noticed that some novels that I really (REALLY, REALLY,REALLY) like, when they end up on the big screen sometimes the story that you have loved for years you suddenly realize may not have been that great to begin with.
Like for example the Twilight series movie edition completely ruined the book series for me. Mainly because of how the media get making fun of the main plot points of the book (and I may not have really agreed with some of the actors and actresses chosen to play my beloved characters). The Host was also one of my favorite books and when I first watched the movie I realized just how boring the actual story truly was.
I’m not actually saying that I think that of all movies that were once books. My major issues with certain books being turned into movies is that sometimes the story that we think are so great turns out not to be so great by the standards of people who have never heard this story. And sometimes in the portrayal of the book certain things get left out or major plot points are completely cast aside or destroyed on screen.
My major issues are with the twilight series and The Host both book series I loved before I saw it on screen. But I also have a slight issue with The Hunger Games Trilogy and also with The Mortal Instruments that was so destroyed that they were unable to actually write a screenplay for the second movie (City of Ashes). There is probably another series I’m forgetting, but one series that I loved on screen is the Divergent Trilogy that surprisingly kept most of the plot points on screen and in the second installment ‘Insurgent’ they were able to make a believable twist in one of the plot points to make more sense to moviegoers, and even to me who reread this series a hundred times, I was able to understand more of the story than I did before…
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 I also really liked Beautiful Creatures and The Maze Runner and Enders game but that might have to do with the fact that I never actually read those books at all…
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