Apocalyptic Movies & Books….

Okay so we know the drill. At some point in our life, the sun will either burn us all alive or robots (or apes) will take over, or the aliens will finally come and take over our planet. Either way we’re all gonna die.

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In the last couple of years with a lot of book adaptations becoming major film sellers, Post-apocalyptic movies have been a growing trend of top movies to watch, only secondly to Marvel movies and of course the staple murder movies. One of the greatest things about Post-apocalyptic movies is the fact that it could actually be real. No one actually knows how we as a people are going to meet our end. All we know is that it will eventually happen. Therefore, writers can let their imagination fly with what landscapes we might have, what those people living might be like. How would they live? Would there be monsters or would there be some crackpot conspiracy going on with the government towards the children of the future of that world (HINT: It’s always a conspiracy).
A lot of these books turned into movies shows governments planning some sort of conspiracy towards the children who supposedly the only hope of human kind.
Case # 1 :

Ender’s game is a perfect example of the government using children to better their lives. To make it clear I never read the book and seeing the movie, I probably never will. I don’t actually like these books which is probably the reason I never picked up one of these myself. There’s only one exception to this rule : Scott’s Westerfeld’s Uglies series. Which I will always love and re-read every three years (It’s like Star Wars, if you don’t re-read the dark side will win. I mean the Government).
Back to where I was actually going with this blog post.
I recently went to see Scorch Trials, the second installment to the Maze Runner (Trilogy? Is there three movies or four I wonder?) This movie, had everything I look for in Apocalypse movies. Danger? Check. A group of individuals trying to find freedom? Check. One crazy smart person who is the leader of said group? Check? Betrayal? Definitely.
And the best part. Surprise ending. When all hope is lost. One man stands apart to fight for his bro.
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Those are actually a direct quote from my sister, but it’s no less true. I love movies that afterwards make you question everything that just happened in the movie. My sister and I spent at least nearly forty-five minutes just discussing the film.  One of the best things a movie can do is make people talk. This definitely is one of the movies that will have people talking for a long time coming. Espeacially since I already want to see the third installment and I’m pretty sure they haven’t even written the movie adaptation of the book.

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