The Jewel of the Red Sea . . .

******In Honor of my mom’s Fiftieth birthday I have decided to try this blogging thing all over again. Except with a twist~ So therefore I will be releasing week from week this episodal story. Just like the great Sages of old used to tell stories week by week in the village square. 🙂 Enjoy~





The seas were loud and angry that night. Pushing the boat off course. If it ever had one. Rage had always loved nights like this. Nights where the sea made it’s anger known. He had been on boats for most of his life. He had spent more of his days on the open sea then on land. Most of his childhood spent on the Queens Revenge. His father, the Dreadful Captain Roberts. More cruel than kind, had taught him everything about keeping a ship and it’s crew in line. At night he had listened to the crew members, swap tales and stories about, the sea. The goddess Calypso, myths of dangerous creatures that lurked in the great deep. Stories of caverns of gold. Rubies the size of your fist, and Diamonds so big, you could kill a grown man with. There was one story, that had stayed with him, even now, that he had his own ship and crew.


The year was 1860. Everywhere you went in the sea, the British navy would be there. The King, had decreed that the sea and it’s many vast treasures belonged to him. There were many pirate ships, that tried to defy him, and there the navy would be. Ready to strike down anyone who thought they had a claim on any and ever fortune. That was when the Spaniards came. They came from the south. The east. They were ruthless in destroying navy ships, and Pirate ships  alike. Unlike the British King, the Spanish King and Queen had no wish for the Jewels, or any of the treasures. The Spaniards were pious and believed that you should honor god above all else. By living a sin-free life.They believed it was part of their sacred duty to eradicate temptation from the lands. It was an even better bonus for many of the Spanish Lords to infuriate the British Navy. Of whom they had been long standing rivals with.

However, with so much of the treasure being found, the Spaniards needed a place to put it. The legend was that nine lords of the Spanish Main, devised a plan of keeping all the treasure sequestered in an island in the red sea, that was surrounded by other islands, that was ringed side by side with coral reefs, that made it dangerous to sail through. Unless you know the way. The Nine Spanish Lords put this job to the son of one of the Generals tasked with keeping the King and Queen safe. The Lord Jonn was one of the few people who knew the road, to get to the Island safely, and he was as honest and true as any Spaniard Captain. He would sooner die than give up it’s location-But Rumor has it, that he did tell one person. His beloved niece. The Lady Tatianna.




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