Part Two

“Captain! We are about to come across the Necromancer!”

“Come about! Crew get ready for battle! We will use the storm to our advantage, any women on the ship are to come to no harm.”

“You heard the Captain! PUT YOUR BACKS INTO IT!” The first mate, Phillips barked as the crew scrambled for weapons and prepared the rigging for boarding the next ship.

Rafe smiled. It was a good day to be a Pirate.


The Necromancer was no stranger to battles. As one of the older ships in the fleet of Spanish ships in the Lord Montague’s navy, the crew had long since weathered many storms, and even more angry pirate ships. But the Lady Tatianna had not. She watched as the crew members rushed around preparing the ship for battle, along with the crew members. “I told you the sea was no place for a young lady.” Lady Tatianna’s maid tutted Tatianna turned to look at Charlotte in exasperation. “You are only six years my senior. And the sea did not bring the pirates.” Tatianna said. “I would not be sure of that, miss. This storm is unnatural. It is as if the Lord has cursed this journey.” Charlotte said her voice close to a wail. “The Lord has no say in what goes on in the sea. This is the domain of the Lady Calypso.” One of the sailors said as he passed by. Lady Tatianna scowled. “Who is Calypso?” Charlotte said worriedly.

“A Myth.” Tatianna said at the same time as the surrounding sailors started shouting.

“A Vixen.”

“A Goddess.”

“A Siren”


“A woman.”

“A scorned lover, taking out her anger on any sailor that reminded her of her lost love!”

The last shout came from the Captain. Just before arrows bombarded  the rigging of the necromancer. Charlotte and Tatianna were surprised to see attached to the Arrows was lengths of rope from the Pirate ship. “I do not want to compliment the people that are currently attacking us but even I have to admire the genius of that.” Tatianna said shaking her head. Charlotte looked at Tatianna in despair. “Do not admire the Pirates!” Charlotte said. “Well hello, Ladies.” One of the aforementioned  pirates said. Charlotte screamed at the sight of the bedraggled pirate before she fell in a deep faint. “Well fat lot of help you are Tatianna said backing away from the Pirate who grinned widely at her. Tatianna reached behind her, her hands closing on one of the wooden poles the crew members used to fish with. She took a step forward gripping it tightly in her fist. The pirate continued approaching her. She gripped the pole and swung wildly, making the Pirate’s head move all the way to the left. “Ow.” He said, rubbing a hand across his jaw. “I was hoping you’d be feisty. I love feisty.” The pirate sneered. “Stay away.” Tatianna said her voice shaky. The pirate leaned forward and pulled the pole out of her hands. “I am not going to hurt you, little one.” the Pirate said patiently. “I’m sure you say that to all the girls.” she said as she continued to back away.

“I swear on the soul of my mother, may she rest in peace. That I will not hurt you.”

Tatianna hesitated. She knew no matter how black-hearted a pirate was they always went by a code. She glanced around all the crew members of the necromancer fighting, all good men. She glanced down at Charlotte.

“Will you leave this ship and it’s crew peacefully? No more deaths.”

“Only if you come with me now. And they will all be safe.”

pirate boat


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