Star Wars : The Last Jedi

Like anyone who has obsessively watched the original Star Wars movie series along with the Prequel series(who doesn’t love Obi-wan and crew?), I was extremely excited when at the end of The Force Awakens Luke Skywalker was finally found. Of course we the fans were immediately shown that the Luke Skywalker that was found was not the Luke we know and love from the previous movies.

This was a Luke Skywalker that has fallen from Grace. In the movie “The Last Jedi” he keeps repeating that the Jedi need to end. Which sparked many different debates across the internet.  The main conclusion, that I at least have come up with, is that yes the Jedi needs to end, if only because, the Jedi was an organization that prided itself on producing only Jedi that followed the light. The Order frowned on any that followed the Dark side of the force. But the main colossal truth is that you can’t have light without the dark. In the Force Awakens Snoke did tell Kylo Ren that his equal in the light would rise, the more he turned to the dark. There is always two in  every movie, two sith and two Jedi. Now that Snoke is dead, it is completely possible that another Sith will rise, and the same could be said for

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The same could be said about Luke’s Death. A new Jedi could possibly rise, the only way they can correct the main thing that was wrong about the Jedi, is if they finally acknowledge that Jedi, has both light and dark within them, and that the Balance of the Force is actually the ability to harness both sides of the force in harmony. Not just choosing one side over the other. It’s something that both Kylo Ren and Rey of Jakku will have to discover if they want to finally end the pointless war. The First Order has to go down so that the new generation can be one with both sides of the Force.  Rey learning about the Jedi on the Island that had both Light and Dark within was a good way to show that maybe at the heart of the Jedi, they did teach Balancing the light and dark, but somewhere along the way those teachings were lost. I hope that’s where the story is going atleast.

In the Last Jedi, we could see that Kylo Ren is starting to finally become less Kylo and more Ben Solo, but of course we still need to see the Knights of Ren. So we don’t know for sure if he will stay dark or if by some chance, some hope he becomes the Ben Solo, that his mother has always believed to be inside of him. A lot more questions were asked at the end of the Last Jedi, especially with the reveal that Rey of Jakku is not one of the Skywalkers or even the daughter of some long lost Jedi. It has been revealed (thanks Kylo Ren) that her parents were just run of the mill drunkards who has been long since dead. Rey’s journey has now started, and who knows how its going to end!

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The Jewel of the Red Sea…PART II

The Necromancer however, was no stranger to battles. As one of the older ships in the fleet of Spanish ships in the Lord Montagues navy, the crew had long since weathered many storms, and even more angry pirate ships. But the Lady Tatianna had not. She watched as the crew members rushed around preparing the ship for battle, along with the crewmembers. “I told you the sea was no place for a young lady!” Lady Tatianna’s maid tutted. Tatianna turned to look at Charlotte in exasperation. “You are only six years my senior, and the sea did not bring the pirates.” Tatianna said. “I would not be so sure of that miss. This storm is unnatural. It is as if the Lord has cursed this journey.” Charlotte said her voice close to a wail. “The Lord has no say in what goes on in the sea. This is the domain of the Lady Calypso.” One of the sailors said as he passed by. Lady Tatianna scowled. “Who is Calypso?” Charlotte said worriedly. “A myth.” Tatianna said at the same time as the surrounding sailors started shouting.

“A Vixen.”

“A Goddess.”

“A Siren.”


“A woman”

“A scorned lover, taking out her anger on any sailor that reminded her of her lost love.”  The last shout came from the Captain. Just before arrows bombarded the rigging of the necromancer.” Charlotte and Tatianna were surprised to see attached to the arrows was lengths of rope from the pirate ship. “I do not want to compliment the people that are currently attacking us but even I have to admire the genius of that.” Tatianna said shaking her head. Charlotte looked at Tatianna in despair. “Do not admire the Pirates!” Charlotte said. “Well Hello Ladies.” One of the aforementioned pirates said. Charlotte screamed at the right of the bedraggled pirate before she fell in a deep faint. “Well fat lot of help you are!” Tatianna said, backing away from the Pirate who grinned widely at her. Tatianna reached behind her, her hands closing on one of the wooden poles the crew members used to fish with. She took a step forward gripping it tightly in her fist. The pirate continued approaching her. She gripped the pole and swung widely, making the pirates head move all the way to the left. “Ow.” he said, rubbing a hand across his jaw. “I was hoping you’d be feisty. I love feisty.” The pirate sneered. “Stay away.” Tatianna said her voice shaky. The pirate leaned forward and pulled the pole out of her hands. “I am not going to hurt you, little one.” the pirate said patiently. “I’m sure you say that to all the girls.” She said as she continued to back away. “I swear on the soul of my mother. May she rest in peace. That I will not hurt you.” Tatianna hesitated. She knew no matter how black hearted a pirate was, they all went by a code. She glanced around at all the crew members of the necromancer fighting and then she glanced down at scared Charlotte. “I’ll go with you, if you promise that the Necromancer will be spared…”

The Prince’s Vengeance

The Prince’s Vengeance

On December 12 2015, my first novel went up for sale. The Prince’s Vengeance is the first in my Vemos Chronicles series. It’s available for purchase in Kindle, and

The Prince’s Vengeance, tells the story of the royal family of Vemos, and the two brothers left to take the crown from their father. It also tells the story of Roselyn and Vanessa Diamond two girls that both fell for the half-brother, the Prince of Darkness Terry Darkling.



Jail Cell Writing Prompt.

It takes a strong person to admit when their wrong. It takes an even stronger person not to whine when they get imprisoned on someone else’s behalf. Which brings me to today’s predicament. I am Dorian Grey, not to be mistaken for the book character that went insane over his portrait. Even though like him I’m quite a charmer, I can say with complete clarity that I’m definitely not him.

“This is inhumane! Isn’t it a polite courtesty to offer me a phone call!” I said, my accent flowing through my words no doubt a cause of either my frustration or perhaps, the vast amount of alcohol that was currently flowing though my veins.

Hush, Hush and other Angel books that piss me off.



So, unless you have chosen to completely ignore reading altogether you will notice that the new trend in YA and TEEN books. Angels. Can you tell me how the hell we as readers (or writers) went from writing about the demons of the dark. To Angels, the denizens of heaven. How do you go from stories about the dark, to stories about fallen angels. And don’t get me started on the children of both Angels and Humans. The Nephilim. I guess I wouldn’t be so down on Angel books, if the endings didn’t piss me off so much. Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick, for example, I thought was extremely well written except for the big gaps in the books where you were basically hitting your head on the desk. Or wall, whichever was near. Only because you had no idea what was actually going on. Until you did, and then you were throwing your book across the room going either one of two phrases ; “WHY WHY WHY?!” or “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!”.




Don’t get me wrong, I love the whole idea of Fallen Angels, the ability to drag other Fallen Angels to hell and chain them up there, or Archangels that are real Jack*****.  The plot was brilliant, the way it went down. Not a big fan. Or about the ending. Which I am not going to write down here. Even though I did read the books at least over four times. Still not a big fan. But if it comes to a fight between the HUSH HUSH series, and the FALLEN series I will vote for HUSH HUSH all the way.





Now what can I say about Fallen that’s good? Not much. I didn’t care for the series. So much so that I didn’t even bother actually finishing my collection in my own bookshelf. I currently own Fallen, Torment, and Rapture. I didn’t even bother with the novella “Fallen in Love” . I am the kind of reader who very rarely will give up on a book series. Which is the main reason why I finished the book series to begin with. And when I finished reading Rupture. I really, wished I hadn’t taken the chance on reading it in the first place. OH MY GOD. The ending was completely unexpected, but at the same time the kind of ending where you put the book back on your shelf to let it collect dust and never look at it again. Which is why I probably will never read another Lauren Kate book. Even though I loved her characters, and the way she wrote the book. I just didn’t like the plot. AT ALL. 





Sorry Daniel but I would rather appreaciate the broody Vampires rather than the Angels who are always falling in love with mortals. You are dead dude. Leave the living alone. That’s all. 🙂 


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Clockwork Princess

The Clockwork Princess book trailer will premiere Thursday at 9 a.m. ET on Entertainment Weekly (

Cassandra Clare shared the news on Twitter on Tuesday:


The trailer is being produced by Dirty Robber, the production company behind the previous Clockwork Prince and City of Lost Souls book trailers, and the girl on the Clockwork Princess cover will star as Tessa.

No word yet on exactly what time the trailer will debut, but stay tuned to for details when they break.

Here’s what Clare toldEW.comabout Clockwork Princess in an interview last November:

It was really fun to write because it takes place all over England and Wales. I went to England and Wales and mapped out the routes the characters would take. Part of the reason I wanted to write The Infernal Devices is to have this huge love of the gothic romances of the Victorian era. I…

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Figment Writing Prompt – Dec. 19

Instructions for Decorating the Christmas tree !

Step One: Locate Last Years Christmas Tree (we are in a recession!)

Step Two: Grab tree by the metal part (the Stem) DO NOT ATTEMPT TO GRAB BY THE LEAVES.

Step three: Drag Tree all the way to the second floor (keep all swearing inside at all times)

*repeat this step two more times or until all parts of the tree are at the second floor location.*

Step Four : Realize that you have forgotten the stand for the tree. Go downstairs and retrieve it from the bottom of the box.

Step Five: Give yourself a pep talk. Ignore the disapproving looks from your parental units for talking to yourself (again)

Step Six: Start attaching the tree together.

Step Seven: Realize that the tree is on backwards. Put the tree in the proper order.

Step Eight: have parental unit or little adult tell you that the tree is still on backwards.

Step Nine: swear

Step Ten: spread out the leaves on the tree

Step Eleven: locate decorations from the basement.

Step Twelve: drag decorations upstairs along with the lights.

Step Thirteen: untangle the lights (you may need assistance from a parental unit)

Step fourteen: plug in the lights. Realize that the lights are no longer working.

Step Fifteen: go downstairs and look for more lights.

Step Sixteen: find two different lights. Argue with parental units over which lights to use.

Step Seventeen: lose the argument

Step Eighteen: watch parental units put lights on the tree.

Step Nineteen: put baubles on the tree.

Step Twenty: watch little adult rearrange baubles.

Take off the lights and admire tree.