Fiction(Short Story)

April 16 2012

I’ve been thinking lately about writing a prequel for my story, but then I had a day dream while listening to some moody music as is my way to listen to music, and I got the idea of writing a before, before series. That focuses mainly on a group of girls from all eras, the only thing that would link all of them together would be their own distinct powers, and Dorian Gray. My character Dorian Gray has lived for many many different eras, and through that time he has seen many things, including girls coming in and out of Vemos. Some not surviving. Rude Awakenings focuses on Dorian’s own sister and someone else who is a major character in my book series.

Rude Awakenings . . . 

She’d known a long time a go that she would die. She known that she had been cursed, she knew that her life had a very short time, that her life did not belong to earth. She had never truly belonged as a human and that in itself meant that she would be doomed eternally. And yet-and yet she found herself wishing for more time, if only to be with him.

She had gone and done the unthinkable; and fallen in love.  More importantly, the man who was still a boy in so many different ways, loved her too. Lost in his embrace, in the words of his love, and his devotion to her, she found herself living for the first time in her life. She’d allowed herself to dream of an happy ending.

She shivered the wind blowing icily through her white gown.  Tomorrow was the day she was to be married, but today, today would be the day that she would die.  Fallen thorns pricked her feet making her leave a trail of blood on the shadowy path. Midnight had long since passed, she’d heard the echoing of the chimes at the edge of the forest, but she had continued on her mind no longer controlling her movements.  The chimes had echoed in her heart, a sound that did nothing to calm the undying melody that had settled in her chest, the melody that she knew was there but that she still could not hear. The melody she had known would come to carry her to her death. And carry her it did, for she no longer could feel the movements of her body she just knew she was in motion. Her breath caught as she finally stopped at the precipice of a jagged cliff overlooking the sea at all sides.  Her eyes shadowed and her lips quirked in a bittersweet smile of what she must look like. One those wraiths the townsfolk had always been afraid of, a phantom calling out to her long-lost lover. She idly watched a spider making his way up the cliff only to slip at the the very tip. She said nary a word but turned her back to the horizon. She heard a shuffle of footsteps, looking up she saw with a spark of surprise her own love standing before her.  He was drenched in sweat something that told her he had been running for quite some time.  She ached to touch him one more time but before any of the two lovers could move,  a icy gust blew around them both,  Selena knowing what this meant smiled gently at her one true love Bryan, her eyes glistening with tears and then she was falling.

Bryan’s eyes widened his body frozen in shock as he watched her fall, the world seemed to fall still, everything painfully silent. All  he could see was her falling her hair flowing in a circle around her, her arms widespread she looked like a ghost floating down, and then it was over and she had disappeared under the water her dress slowly fading in the putrid water.  She looked every image of an wraith of myth. It was only after he fell forwards and saw the lights turn on in the house that he realized that the eerie sound that had been echoing in the wind was his own screams.


“You always did have a flair for the dramatic.” Selena said as she walked towards Dorian in the cold study room. Cold because there none of the warmth or homeyness  that are linked to a library. The she had spoken to quirked an eyebrow his mouth twisting into the start of a smirk as he looked over at her his book still clenched upright in his hand. The way he held himself his boot-clad feet on the table his body curved, the black of his clothes showing his lithe frame and the abundance of muscles that covered his upper torso.  He was almost too beautiful to be real, his stormy eyes only emphasizing his supernatural beauty.

“Whatever do you mean, Mon amour?” he said his eyes sparked with an unknown glint. She stopped abruptly in front of him, her heels clacking with finality on the marble floor. The man narrowed his eyes, looking up at her from where he stood.

“I would advise you not to do what is going on in your mind right now.” He said glancing back at his book, marking his page before he laid it on the table he crossed his arms and faced Selena fully. She glared at him not bothering to hide her distaste.

“You know it’s aggravating when you do that.” Selena said edgily. Dorian smirked his eyes bright, he raised himself to his full height effectively towering over Selena’s 5’6 feet.

“You were due back in three days anyways.” Dorian said offhandedly. His gaze tore from hers lazily, his eyes flicking to the ceiling a move that most would have considered boredom, but what Selena knew meant that Dorian was choosing his next words carefully before saying them.

“I’ve been watching you Selena.”  Dorian said his eyes turning to look at her reproachfully.  ‘nope he’s just bored.’ Selena thought to herself narrowing her eyes.  “Of course you have.” She said out loud each word dripping with venom.  Dorian should have been watching regardless she mused, he out of anyone is Vemos knew that Selena had been innocent before being banished.  The drawback of saying no to Rafe was that you always paid for it in the end.

“Anything I did, it wasn’t me. You more than anyone should know that by banishing me in a cursed state they took away my memories, all of which came  back as I fell through the chasm.” She said separating herself from the close distance of Dorian and taking the time to look at her surroundings partly to check for intruders or lurkers and partly because of the unmistakable familiarity of the place.

“By the way that water was cold.”

Dorian ignored that, as he watched her refamiliarize herself with the surroundings.  He looked at her and saw his mother dying on the ground of the decorated chamber room. A lady like Selena who had always followed customs but because of a simple mistake was forced to endure an agonizing death.

“I did bring you for a reason.”  This time Selena smirked, not out of amusement but more from frustration.

“I knew you must have, which is why I came to you before seeing anyone else.”

“I am honored to be so high on your list milady.”

“The time for pleasantries are over, what is it that has brought you so on edge that I am here three days before my sentence was due to  end?”

“Nathaniel succeeded in his plan. We finally have the sacrifice needed to make Vemos powerful enough to rise and take over both the other realms.” Dorian said this calmly his voice a steady timbre. Selena however was no where close to even begin to be calm. She looked straight at Dorian terrified.

“You cannot be serious! You know more than I do the disasters that will cause!” she shook her head, no longer being able to hold her weight she fell.  Collapsed on the floor she shook her head repeatedly.

“No. No Dorian, he hasn’t succeeded in anything, Vemos will not become stronger. This, this what he has succeeded in doing…this will be Vemos downfall. He has killed Vemos by doing this. He has doomed us all. “



April 16 2012

In the process of writing my novel, I have found it helpful to write short excerpts of future books that I eventually want to write. It helps develop characters I find, and gives me more ideas on how to create a multi-dimensional character. Two of my favourite characters to develop in this book has been Lauri and Dorian Gray, so here is a short story that I never quite finished, but I feel is just good enough to be shared! 😀


Lauri’s Story.

Even in the dark and the gloom there is hope. Lauri had found it once long ago, in Vemos itself. It had come in the guise of a man. A man who in so many ways Lauri should have always hated, but somehow through everything she had gone through she had fallen in love with him. She didn’t know what had made him come to her that night. If it had come down to power or lust she did not know. But what she did know and what she had always known was the power of them together. The lovemaking they had shared, that had finally been the end to her enslavement. And the beginning of her freedom. But she truly would never be free from the consuming love she felt for him. For Dorian . . .

SPLASH. GURGLE. Lauri heard the echoing sounds of water through the underground cave and knew she was inches to actual water and not the red blood river that she had become so used to seeing in the past couple of weeks.  She couldn’t wait to enter the water, to swim. It had been long since she had gotten even that simple pleasure. Her new home. This place she now lived was worse than any orphanage any cellar that Earth could possibly have in its disposal. She hated everything about Vemos. Every dark hall, every bitter face that looked at her with such distain. She was the outsider to them. She had lived the life of a human for so long, and worse she was the daughter of the man they had all despised. And feared. She shook her head; trying to ignore the thought of what blood she truly shared. The blood of the murderer, the killer of souls. A betrayer to his own people. And a Power hungry man banished and shut out from Vemos forever. A renegade, she hoped never to meet. She felt a whisper of wind against her cheek and she stopped moving her newfound senses spiraling. She closed her eyes willing herself to listen to the sound of the cave for movement. The Left. Lauri turned pulling out her sword at the same time. The blade quivered as it pointed straight at the, impeccably dressed man that now stood before her. “Dorian.” She said her voice exasperated. “Must you always follow, me?” she said her voice betraying none of the nervousness she felt in every corner of her skin. Though it hardly mattered. Dorian, was a Hubric, every thought she had he could feel and see etched clearly as if it was his own. She could never hope to hide a wisp of a secret from him.  He smiled, this time not one of irony or disdain at her but one of true amusement. It startled Lauri and made her pause for a moment.

“you found the pool quite fast. I am honestly surprised.” Dorian said his voice as velvety and dangerous as the first time she had heard it. Lauri sniffed, “if you didn’t expect me to find it, you shouldn’t have told me about it.” She said her voice tense and strained as if she expected some sort of punishment. “Here” Dorian said throwing a vial her way, she caught it nimbly just at the edge of her nails. She looked curiously at it spinning the vial in her hand.

“It’s the serenity potion Simeon and I was showing you how to make two days ago. If you drink that, the water’s effect will have no hold over you. And you will be able to come up with a proper story to tell Raphael of why you were missing for so long.” He said.  Lauri looked at him truly shocked. “You did this for me?” Lauri said looking at him. Dorian grinned, his hands going at his collar and loosing it. “I owe you don’t I ? I’m the one who seduced you after all.” He said chuckling a bit. He turned and started to walk toward the path then with a crouch he jumped hard flinging himself into the air and dove straight down his body a taut line. Lauri gasped her feet moving her towards the edge where she saw him splash down into a flowing pool of incandescent color steam rising slowly above it. Lauri smiled and grinned seeing Dorian’s whole suit completely drenched and his perfect curly hair in disarray. Still smiling she lifted her shirt and pulled down her borrowed pants and stepped to the very edge before flinging herself off.  She felt the slightest brush of wind before her whole body fully submerged into the water. She swam slightly down into the pit before turning in the water itself and working her way up to the surface. She broke the surface up to her waist before letting her drop to a decent level for talking and swimming. Dorian’s laugh rang in the air, something that she now found familiar as Dorian was always around Simeon when he was not with her half-brother Terry.


Shadow of a Spanish Rose …. Excerpt

Five years ago I started the journey to the completion of my novel, and I’m still not done. If you had told me that five years later I would be in Journalism school and talking to people like Harelquin publishing, I would’ve told you that you must be crazy, and yet, here I sit, twindling my thumbs, writing articles for both paper and online, and dreaming of the day I will be working in an office writing for the readers, maybe even one day selling my books as well.

With that being said, I thought that I should share this, because it was something I had written in High school for my novel, but its also something I know that wouldn’t make it to my actual novel so here it is; the first written piece for Shadow of the Spanish Rose. . .

Chapter one—Prologue?

Drip! Drip! That steady leak causing that steady drip, reverberating in his aching head. He grimaced as the sound formed one thought in his head, ‘Earth, Vemos, his two homes. One he had lived in for eighty years, Vemos his home, his love, a dark desolate place, where it’s only light was the eternal flame of the damned. Or earth where light and darkness lived in harmony. Where Humans, sweet, gentle, naïve, humans roamed swallowing up nature in humanity’s struggle for survival to remain at the top of the food chain.

“Too bad they haven’t realized there are stronger things out there.” He said his voice coming out sharp and silver in the dark apartment. He stood up, feeling his bones cracking, grimacing to himself as he still acclimated to his human body. It was nighttime here on earth but it seemed so bright to Terry who was so used to the dark gloom of the Craven Caves.

His heart ached, for his babies, Solum, Thulium, and Max. He wanted to hear their joyful whining, feel their prickly fur, but they were back home, in Vemos, somewhere he could never go. Vemos, where the moon was beautiful and crimson, covered with ruins of past majestic structures that had once belonged to heaven. Terry shivered. ‘Heaven’ the place that had taken his mother.

“Why the hell is everything so bright here on earth?” the deep voice said behind him, Terry grinned.

“Dorian, I should’ve known you would’ve followed me here.” Terry said with a sigh, as he turned around to look at his one protector. Dorian was scowling at the apartment, his eyes half-closed with the light. He wore all black as usual, contrasting with his albino skin. His hairs swept in front of his eyes making him look half asleep.

“Terry could you have found any place brighter than this?” Dorian said irritably.

“If you think this is bright you should see it in the daytime.” Terry said grinning.

“Daytime? What’s that?”  Dorian said looking at him funny.

Terry sighed. “Dorian, go home.”

“No, Terry. Wherever you go is where I need to be.” Dorian said with a sigh.  Terry looked up at Dorian startled.

“I’ve long since stopped needing a bodyguard, half the time I am the one saving you.” Terry said giving him a half-grin. Dorian looked at him abashed.

“That is totally not fair that dragon was supposed to be dead. It’s not my fault you have a hero complex. Which by the way demons aren’t supposed to have?” Dorian pointed out.

“Well I’m part-human remember?” Terry muttered.

“Terry I still don’t understand why you are here. You realize that Raphael will take it as an insult that you are here and most likely try to look for vengeance.”

“I’ll take it, but I won’t help him, destroy Vemos.” Terry said darkly.

“What about your father?”

“What father? I was only ever an inconvenience to him, the only reason he took me in when I was sixteen was so heaven wouldn’t take me.” Terry said.

“Terry it’s not right for you to stay here. What are you going to do for food and clothes?” Dorian said, looking at Terry.

“There’s this thing called money, down here; I have a job where I can earn some. It’ll keep me busy, so busy in fact that I won’t have to go outside in the daytime.”

“What are you going to do scare the humans?”

“No I’m a bartender, I work long hours during the night; and I can sleep in the daytime.” Terry said shrugging.

“What do you want me to do?” Dorian pouted.

“Go back home, and watch over Raphael. If it pleases you, come back and give me updates, every blue moon.” Terry said rolling his eyes.

“Why every blue moon, can’t I do it during a green moon?” Dorian whined.

“A blue moon is one month earth time, and a green moon happens every two weeks, I love you and everything but it would be much too depressing to hear bad news every two weeks.” Terry explained.

“Too bad nobody does anything on a purple moon.” Dorian said.

“Okay, now you’re just being ridiculous. Honestly, a purple moon?”


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